19 Facts That Prove That Canada Is The Most Fascinating Country In The World.

O, Canada. There is a lot to love about this brilliant country. From our diverse cultural footprint, our incredible landscapes to our unique history, there’s a lot that makes this country one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

Here are 19 facts that prove the True, North, Strong and Free is one of the most captivating countries on the planet!

The Official Phone Number for Canada is 1- 800-O-CANADA

There is a town called Dildo

Image Source: Cottage Life

Located in Newfoundland, each year they host the Dildo festival, whose parade is lead by Captain Dildo. I mean, there’s not much more I can say on this…. Other than that the festival is actually called Dildo Days.

Canada has six time zones

If you live in Canada, you have to do quick mental math when calling anyone in a different province. We actually have a ridiculous amount of time zones, especially if you factor in what happens with daylight savings. The  6 main time zones are: Newfoundland Time Zone, Atlantic Time Zone, Eastern Time, Central Time Zone, Mountain Time Zone, and the Pacific Time Zone.

Dog food is tax deductible

This is not a joke. If you have a service dog or have gotten a dog as part of a business expense, you can claim back taxes on food.

Eh, is actually a word

This Canadian injunction is an official word now. Just ask the Webster’s dictionary.

Canada is the most educated country in the world.

Over 56% of Canadians have some form of higher education. Japan and Israel, take the second and third spot respectively.

Canada has the most lakes in the world

The definition of lake is fairly ambiguous, so truly determining which country has the most lakes is a fairly hard task year to year, especially as global warming continues to grow.  Canada specifically has over 2 million lakes and contains 7% o the worlds renewable freshwater resources. 

Canada eats the most Mac ‘n Cheese than any other country on the planet

Ah, Mac ‘N Cheese, the culinary preference of students across Canada… and apparently everyone else, too. Reportedly, Canadian’s eat 55% more Mac’N’Cheese than their neighbors to the south.  Basically, it’s the national comfort food of Canada. 

Canada has issues with gravity

First identified in the 1960s, Canada’s Hudson’s Bay Region has pockets of lower gravity than anywhere else in the world! Come for mac ’n ’cheese, stay for the lack of gravity!

Santa Claus is Canadian… sort of

Don’t get up in arms, people. In 2010, Jason Kenney, then Citizen and Immigration Minister for Canada, declared that Santa was a Canadian. Now, this is likely due to the fact that then, as now, letter’s to Santa are sent to this address: North Pole, Canada, H0H 0H0  ( GET IT: HO HO HO!) Regardless of what country it comes from, the kids always get a response back.

Cannabis is legal in Canada

And not just the medical kind. In October of 2018, Canada legalized the use of medical and recreational cannabis becoming the second country in the world after Uruguay to fully legalize the use of recreational and medical cannabis. Thank you, Justin Trudeau, you did well with this one.

Canada has an Apology Act

In 2009, Canada officially passed what is known as the “ Apology Act”. This act was passed because Canadian’s say ‘sorry’ so much, that we needed to create a law that stated that an apology can’t be used as evidence of admission of guilt.

Basketball was invented by a Canadian

Image Source: CBC

James Naismith, invented basketball in 1981 when he was teaching at the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts.  So, it’s fitting that in 2019, Canada’s only NBA team, the Toronto Raptors, won the NBA championship, making them the first non- American team in history to hold the title. #WeTheNorth

Canada has no WMDs

As of 1984, Canada does not have nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons of mass destruction or any up to date delivery systems.  Canada is a peace-keeping country and basically the polar opposites to our friends in the South (America), and to the North (Russia has territory it patrols in the Arctic).

America has invaded Canada twice

They tried in Quebec in 1775 the first time, at the onset of the American Revolution and once during the war of 1812. Both times the Americans lost.

Canada’s role in 9/11 was crucial

And definitely not in the way that you’re thinking – this isn’t a conspiracy blog.

In the immediate aftermath of the attacks on September 11th, Operation Yellow Ribbon commenced. Canada’s goal was to divert commercial planes away from US airspace to help neutralize any lingering threats while ensuring they weren’t bringing any threats into our country. Over the course of the operation, Canada successfully diverted 224 planes with more than 33,000 passengers on board. Although the planes landed in more remote communities such as Gander and Goose Bay, the major airports in Toronto and Vancouver also took their share. 

Canada has a secret stash of maple syrup

Image source: BBC

It’s called the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve, and it’s real. There are three official high security, Fort Knox- like storage sites in Quebec ( who BTW, produces 75% of the worlds maple syrup), who collectively have what is believed to be the largest stash of maple syrup in the world.  In 2012, thieves got away with over $20M worth of maple syrup that was then housed in temporary warehouses. Apparently maple syrup is a hot commodity worldwide!

The Canadian $100 Bill smells like maple syrup

A fact that is denied by the Bank of Canada, but I’ve smelled it, it’s real.

The Canada – US border is the largest unprotected border in the world.

With 8,891kms of official border, it’s not wonder that either side can’t patrol it 100%. There are currently 119 legal crossings, and the border is open 24 hrs.

More than 1 in 5 Canadians are foreign born.

Image Source: Hillnotes

And the top reason why Canada is a magical, inclusive, diverse and fascinating land is that over 20% of our population is foreign-born.  I am one of those.

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